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Manufacturer of Machine for steel industry

With our wide expertise and experience, we, Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd., offer high quality cored wire and allied products for Iron & Steel Industries. Founded in 2001, we are a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Auxiliary Equipment like Slab Tilting machine, Cored Wire Feeding Machine, Automatic Temperature and Sampling Machine, Lance Stirrer and steel plant consumable items such as Alloy Cored Wire, Deoxidant Wire Rod along With Other Products, etc.


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Tundish & Tundish Car

Tundish Car is moving car on which Tundish is mounted. It is fabricated from mild steel section, Tundish Car moves on wheels which are manufactured of En-8 material and are mounted with steel shafts. Steel shafts are securely placed on frame by bearings at both ends. Tundish Car is driven by drive unit. Which is fixed at one end on frame and gives positive drive to wheels. Tundish car is also provided with Launder under Tundish to handle slag.

Tundish Accessories

  • Tundishes
  • Tundish Stands
  • Tundish Skull Removers
  • Tundish Tilters
  • Finite Element Analysis.