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Manufacturer of Machine for steel industry

With our wide expertise and experience, we, Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd., offer high quality cored wire and allied products for Iron & Steel Industries. Founded in 2001, we are a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Auxiliary Equipment like Slab Tilting machine, Cored Wire Feeding Machine, Automatic Temperature and Sampling Machine, Lance Stirrer and steel plant consumable items such as Alloy Cored Wire, Deoxidant Wire Rod along With Other Products, etc.


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Temperature & Sampling Manipulator

The uses of steel sensors are highly vulnerable to accidents due to poor environment. For fully automatic measurement of temperature, oxygen activity as well as sampling, REMSO designs and supplies lance manipulators of high reliability. The production assortment contains both conventional manipulators for measuring of temperature of molten steel, oxygen activity and for sampling of molten steel in ladle and also special manipulators, for instance multi tracks manipulators. In addition, they can perform a slag break-through and also conduct automatic measurement of gas content in steel.
We can, however, offer also equipment for measurement or sampling from inaccessible places e.g. in vacuum, in overpressure, from ladle on RH equipment, from below very thick layer of slag through an aperture from the covered CCM tundish.<>

ll the mentioned devices are manufactured, based on individual tailor made projects and designs.

REMSO Design features:

  • Two-lance carriages driven by chain system
  • Swivelling and tilting mechanism
  • Multilab Celox measuring equipment
  • Integrated bath level detection
  • Quick-change system for sampling probe
  • Local and remote control
  • Slag breaker, if required
  • Easy integration into existing plants.