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Manufacturer of Machine for steel industry

With our wide expertise and experience, we, Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd., offer high quality cored wire and allied products for Iron & Steel Industries. Founded in 2001, we are a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Auxiliary Equipment like Slab Tilting machine, Cored Wire Feeding Machine, Automatic Temperature and Sampling Machine, Lance Stirrer and steel plant consumable items such as Alloy Cored Wire, Deoxidant Wire Rod along With Other Products, etc.


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Expendable Thermocouple

Immersion Disposable Thermocouples are used to measure the temperature directly, precisely and instantly through immersion method, in the production & refining of iron, steel & other ferrous and non-ferrous in Electric Arc Furnaces, other melting furnaces, LD converters, Ladles, etc and for the chemical analysis of the metal during its manufacturing stage. It is a simple and cost effective instrument and provides the quickest way to get the most accurate readings. To measure the temperature, the thermocouple is connected to the coupling lance. Which contains the polarized contact block.

Thermocouple Parts

  • Protection cap : The thermocouple cap is part of the "Disposable Immersion Thermocouple". It is made of Steel or Aluminum
  • Insulating Body : This part is made of Ceramic, ABS or Plastic body.
  • Tips : The Thermocouple Tips are manufactured using high accuracy.

Platinum and Platinum-Rhodium wires under strict quality control.

Technical Data and Specification

Calibration of the thermocouples wires : According to IEC (CEI) 585, equivalent with ASTM E 230/72, DIN IEC 585 Part 1:1995, BS 5937; 1973, ANSIC 96-1-1992, NFC 52-321-1978, JIS 1602/1982, based on the temperature scale ITS 90.

Thermocouple accuracy at : (0…+5)°C melting point Pd (1555°C) By request, accuracy of thermocouple cap can be -5…0°C

Max. Immersion time at 1650°C : 7 seconds.

Measuring time : 3 to 6 seconds.

Specifications & technical features of the thermocouple


Alloy of
+ve wire

Alloy of
-ve wire

Temperature range

Max. Temp.


Return circuit resistance


Platinum 10% Rhodium
(90% Pt - 10% Rh)

(100% Pt)

0 to 1550 Deg C
32 to 2650 Deg F

1650° C

≤+5° C



Platinum 13% Rhodium
(87% Pt - 13% Rh)

(100% Pt)

0 to 1550 Deg C
32 to 2650 Deg F

1650° C

≤+5° C



Platinum 30% Rhodium
(70% Pt - 30% Rh)

Platinum 6% Rhodium(95%
Pt - 6% Rh)

0 to 1700 Deg C
32 to 3100 Deg F

1800° C

≤+5° C


The Expendable Thermocouple tip is introduced inside the cardboard tube available in length from 300mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm and as per customer requirement.


  • Capable of being used to directly measure temperatures up to 2600oC.
  • The thermocouple junction may be grounded and brought into direct contact with the material being measured.
  • Designed & manufactured to obtain optimum accuracy, convenience, cost effectiveness & safety.

Temperature measurement in Blast Furnace, Convertors, Electrical Furnace, Ladle Oven, Iron Foundry, Copper Melts and other alloys.

Packing:- 25 or 50 Pcs. per Cardboard box.